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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  October 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. >> to have an officer stand over him and shoot him in the back, that's somewhat unprecedented. joyce: a brown deer police officer charged for shooting an unarmed man. what the victim's attorney says that officer's partner said next. patrick: parents at a local high school warned about a contagious illness. doctors give their advice on what you should do. joyce: trouble getting on some popular web sites today. tonight, the group of hackers now claiming responsibility. for the first time in nearly a decade a milwaukee-area police , officer is charged for the unlawful shooting of a man. patrick: christina palladino is live at brown deer police headquarters. christina, the officer has been put on paid administrative leave. >> 27-year-old officer devon kraemer is facing several criminal charges including a felony for shooting a 26-year-old man after an argument on a county bus. she's been with the police department here for five years.
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office charged a brown deer police officer for shooting a man in the back. the incident happened back in march when 26-year-old manuel burnley argued with a bus driver after not having an updated bus pass. >> to have an individual on the ground, face down, and have an officer stand over him and shoot him in the back, that's somewhat unprecedented. >> safran says his client still has the bullet lodged in his body. part of his lung had to be , to return to work but he's , relieved with this decision. >> he believes that there's some accountability and he realizes that many individuals in these kinds of cases have not received that kind of justice and that kind of accountability. >> according to the complaint, officer kraemer and her partner struggled with burnley to the ground. quote she was unable to gain "she was unable to gain control of burnley's left arm and she
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against burnley's back." safran says after burnley was shot, the male officer yelled a racial slur. >> when he asked the officers what happened, the officer in his words, my clients words we , shot you and used the n-word. >> burnley was never armed. he will not be facing any criminal charges. it took the district attorney's office seven months to issue these charges, safran says that's too long. patrick: brown deer's police chief released a statement saying, "as with any officer involved shooting, the brown deer police department recognized that criminal charges were always a possibility. we fully understand and accept the need for this high level of scrutiny within the criminal justice system." you can find more to this story and get updates on the 12 news app, and our new website on joyce: a warning to parents and students at homestead high high school at least 10 , confirmed cases of hand foot and mouth disease in the last
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us live. and ben, you just spoke to a doctor about how to prevent this viral disease from spreading. >> it's believed those cases originated here at homestead high school. while hand foot and mouth disease is most common in children under the age of five years old, teens and adults can get it too. after at least 10 cases in the last two weeks an email was sent the viral infection that can be spread through sharing things like straws and cups. according to the wisconsin department of health services, symptoms usually begin with a fever, poor appetite and sore throat. a few days later painful sores , may develop in the mouth, followed by a skin rash on i spoke to a doctor from different parts of the body. children's hospital urgent care . she says while the age of the people infected is surprising it
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, will be comprehensively cleaning the locker room, weight room and shower areas in an , effort to keep the virus from spreading anymore. joyce: thank you. a group of thieves caught on camera ransacking a store on milwaukee's south side. police released this surveillance video from playmakers near 27th and loomis. investigators say six suspects used a rock to break through the yesterday morning. you see them run through the store, stealing clothes and looking for cash. police say the thieves are young men and women, between the ages of 15 and 20. they took off in a minivan and a car. if you recognize them, you are asked to call police. patrick: new information about a jane doe case in racine county. the girl's identity has remained a mystery since she was found in 1999 in the town of raymond. new testing performed by the
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montana or portions of southern , canada. contact the racine county sheriff's department or call 1-800-the-lost if you have information. to commitment 2016 election coverage and the race for president. donald trump's campaign says he will begin laying out his closing arguments in a major speech tomorrow in gettysburg. trump is expected to outline what his priorities would be during his first 100 days in office. trump campaigned in pennsylvania and north carolina today, where he trails hillary clinton in recent polls. clinton visited cleveland, ohio tonight. the election is 18 chelsea clinton is returning to wisconsin to campaign for her mother. the former first daughter will encourage people to vote early. she'll be in la crosse, stevens point, and madison tuesday. this will be her third trip to wisconsin in less than a month. joyce: tonight, a group of hackers spread across russia and china is claiming responsibility for shutting down some of the internet's most popular sites. the fbi and homeland security
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country hit hardest. millions of people could not reach websites including twitter, netflix, spotify and reddit for part of the day. the white house says the department of homeland security is investigating the situation. a local harley dealership abruptly closes its doors. customers of milwaukee harley near lovers lane and silver spring found this sign on the front door this morning. the owner, chaz hastings, says the closure is temporary. hastings tells wisn 12 news he decided to sell the dealership last year. he says that deal got delayed and he was forced to close. hastings says if your bike is in service there the place will reopen next friday under new ownership. patrick: if you're someone who thinks wine tastes better when you're eating cheese, it turns out to be a scientific fact. researchers in france got 30 expert wine tasters. they had them sample several wines with and without cheese. most times the experts rated the , wines tasting better with cheese, regardless of the kind of cheese. scientists believe that's because fat in the cheese lubricates your mouth after the wine's tannins dry it out. the study is in the journal of food science.
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patrick: and cheese goes good with everything, isn't that true? a holdup at gunpoint in milwaukee. joyce: but the robber wasn't going for cash. >> puppies are intoxicating, you can sell them. joyce: and they can get buyers and sellers in dangerous situations if they bump into the wrong people. the market, and how to safely buy or sell the puppy you want. patrick: a space probe lost in a crash on mars. the evidence that it made one heck of a bang. mark: plus, another frosty night out there. that won't last. when we'll warm back to the 60's next in weather watch 12. next in weather watch 12. , joyce: aaron rodgers channels
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patrick: it made it to mars, but it's gone silent. today, the european space agency said it's experimental mars probe crash-landed and was destroyed when it hit the surface. this is an image from nasa. the black dot is believed to be the result of impact of the planned free fall. the probe did send back data before going silent that will help with a more ambitious european mars landing planned for the year 2020. concerns tonight about the growing number of drug overdose deaths across the area. joyce: according to the medical examiner, 217 people have died in milwaukee county so far this year. four of the victims were children under the age of three, the youngest victim just 12 months old. investigators say at least two of the children may have
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when it comes to keeping the little ones safe, police suggest keeping medicine locked up. >> i look at prescription pills just like we look at a firearm. would you leave a loaded gun sitting on the counter in your kitchen? it's the same thing. joyce: the greenfield police department is joining others across the state this weekend for a drug takeback program. the state attorney general urges people to drop off their expired or unused medications instead of hanging on to them. year, three trucks full, 64,000 pounds, number three in america. joyce: there are many drop-off locations. you can find a list on patrick: a man trying to sell puppies at a milwaukee park gets robbed at gunpoint. police say the victim arranged through facebook to sell the pit bull pups to a man at atkinson park a few weeks ago. investigators say he was met by
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and fired at the seller as he was running away. according to the criminal complaint, clincy told the victim, "you know with this is." and, "this is milwaukee. this is what you get." he was arrested and charged with theft and recklessly endangering safety. the puppies have not been recovered. the executive director at control commission, or madacc, says pit pull puppies are most popular, and people will pay big money for them. >> pitbulls are being bred for profit in our community absolutely. people because they just see these cute tiny little puppies they will just shell out any amount of money so i do believe , that was the reason for this. patrick: she says 45% of the dogs they get are pit bulls. a walworth county hunter is accused of shooting and killing a family pet with his arrow. investigators say clayton cruse told them he thought he saw a coyote while deer hunting last year. the criminal complaint says cruse even texted a picture of the dogs body to a friend, then
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instead of animal cruelty. for the owners, it makes the loss that much worse. >> to us, that is our pain, that our dog was taken from us. patrick: while the owner keep most of their house spotless, they've left their dog's paw prints smudged on a window as a reminder. joyce: an airport evacuated in london caused by a chemical scare. hundreds of passengers were cleared from the london city airport. more than two dozen people were treated for breathing troubles. authorities are looking into whether a canier discarded by a passenger may have caused it. after three hours, the terminal was declared safe. quite a scare for people in one kansas neighborhood today. this is video of a toxic cloud . it formed after a chemical spill at a wastewater treatment plant in the northeast part of the state. the community of atchison was immediately evacuated. 18 people were sent to hospitals with breathing problems. officials say the reaction happened when sulfuric acid and hypochlorite were mistakenly combined.
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from apple. the tech giant says a company is selling products on amazon using its name. apple conducted its own undercover sting and found 90% of the apple cables and chargers it bought were fakes. apple filed a lawsuit against mobile star, saying the company imprinted apple logos on products that pose a significant risk of overheating, fire, and electrical shock. amazon said in a statement is has zero tolerance for the sale of counterfeits on its site, and will pursue wrongdoers aggressively. parents there's a new set of , guidelines when it comes to kids and screentime. it comes from the american academy of pediatrics. the group recommends children under 18 months have no exposure to electronic media. an introduction to screens is o.k. for the 18 to 24 month range, but parents are urged to participate in all digital exposure. and for kids between two and five-years-old, they recommend one hour or less of screen time per day. joyce: a big announcement on an
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cast to play the part of young lando calrissian in the han solo stand-alone film. the movie depicts lando as a scoundrel on the rise before the events of empire strikes back. alden ehrenreich has already been cast as han solo. the movie is set for release in two years. a material you've never heard before is coming from the recordings of the late musician, prince. warner brothers records is about to unveil two projects. the first is due out next month. it's a compilation of some of his biggest hits with the record company and a song from 1982 also, a purple rain deluxe reissue is expected early next year, featuring a second album of previously unreleased songs. prince died of a drug overdose in april. >> ? i am coming home for christmas. hey, baby. ?
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r-kelly is coming to milwaukee next month, performing tracks from his first christmas album 12 nights of christmas. he'll play the riverside theater december 11. and also returning to the riverside, comedian jerry seinfeld. he'll perform standup there in march. tickets for both shows go on sale next wednesday. a must see moment before last night's packers game. patrick: the milwaukee symphony orchestra performed the national anthem and also during halftime. but well before the game began, the orchestra's horn section surprised fans with a well known tune in the lambeau field atrium that had everybody singing along. take a listen. patrick: i love how all of the arms and hands go up in the air as well. must've been good luck for the team. the packers went on to beat the
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rodgers may be going as for halloween, the dude from the movie the big lebowski. the sweater he wore at last night's post-game press conference is the talk of twitter today. people were quick to point out it's the one made famous in the cult movie, which is a favorite of rodgers. we found the sweater available at the clothing store pendleton for $239. the company is now trying to cash in. it tweeted this picture and the caption, "aaron rodgers in his westerley," along with a link to buy the sweater. we wonder if the dude id this could be the perfect weekend to check out the fall color. patrick: mark, trees are starting to peak around here. mark: let's talk about what's happening. it's called across southeastern wisconsin. this is from discovery world looking back at the art museum. 43 degrees right now. wind out of the northwest at seven miles per hour.
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weekend. it will not last. 33 watertown. 34 beaver dam. any of the summer annuals, if you still have vegetables growing, if you're like patrick and you still have your parsley, basil, and tomato still alive, mr. green thumb 43 degrees in milwaukee. if should cover those things up. in milwaukee, the coldest temperature is 39 degrees. that's 192 days in a row with temperatures above freezing. we have to make an another mind if we want to get to the record, 222 days in a row without freezing. this is what will looking forward to. you see all this heat out here? 52 milwaukee. 64 chicago.
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coming in. it starts tomorrow and really comes in on sunday. it's a great weekend to check out the fall colors. we are peaking. i think we will have some decent color next weekend as well, but i would go out on sunday if you had to pick one of the two days and check out the fall color. it's not the greatest year for fall color, but there are some pockets where it looks really nice. 65 on sunday, breezy during the day, but maybe you' n wisconsin. maybe up to green bay? nice there. wisconsin dells, nice color there, temperatures nice, almost 65 both days. cooler way north, where the colors are not as good. a lot of that is fast the. 70 and chicago this weekend. leaf raking forecast, good, good, good. if you don't like the rain, maybe mowing. good. we are all green because we will be dry.
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around boston. this is good news, except they are getting flash flooding in the boston area. clouds roll back in, some clearing, but this area of clouds will hang around. don't be shocked tomorrow morning to wake up with clouds. it should last all day. i think it's gone in the afternoon. that will allow the sunshine to get through and then they temperatures warm accordingly. a lot of sunshine su the majority of the day sunny until later on when clouds start moving in. temperatures tonight, not dropping a whole lot more from where they are right now, 38 milwaukee. wind not too crazy, northwesterly at three-6. your week ahead. the weekend is wonderful, enjoy it. monday, six. showers later on tuesday, 60. 55 with a very good chance of
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may get heavy, tuesday into wednesday, something i watch closely. 53 was showers on thursday, then mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies on friday, 60 degrees. what a to try to get out and enjoy this weekend? patrick: thanks, mark. a 20-year crime spree targeting top secret documents. joyce: we'll tell you how the suspect gained access to the very agency that is supposed to keep the nation safe. patrick: plus, operation football playoff edition. all the local highlights are coming up in just a few minutes. >> hi, eon >> and i'm ben wagner. behind-the-scenes of good morning america. >> monday on wisn 12 news this morning, we're taking you to times square to talk to the co-hosts. >> plus, sally will be on weather watch as you get ready
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announcer: stay connected while you stay busy. like wisn 12 news on facebook and join the conversation. announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. stephanie: ty montgomery is the
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bay to weather the storm of injuries at running back against the bears last night. even don jackson, the practice sqaud call-up, went down in the game, leaving zero true running backs available to mike mccarthy. montgomery toted the rock nine times for sixty yards, while also having 10 recpetions for 66 yards. the second year swiss army knife from stanford helped the offense stay afloat and eventually thrive against the bears last night. >> that is huge for our offense. we knew he was capable of doing that. >> he has a very good feel. obviously he's played receiver for a while, but he's got a good feel for the routes out of the backfield as well. i'm proud of ty. >> i'm a football player, and you know, as a football player, i can do anything that's asked of me. that's the mindset that i have. that's the mindset that i was raised with. it's the mindset that my mom gave me. no matter what it is, she told me to be a versatile athlete, and that's what i try to do. stephanie: on to college football. the heartland trophy was introduced back in 2004. since then, the badgers and hawkeyes have split their 10 meetings. the tiebreaker will come tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m.
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, straight at kinnick stadium, but don't let that fool you. the players insist it is a very difficult environment with the sidelines unusually close to the fans. and the badgers expect the 70,000 plus hawkeye faithful to be on their 'a' game tomorrow. >> hostile, man. especially going through iowa. the sideline during close to the stands, i don't know if you have been to that stadium. you can hear guys saying anything and everything. >> i remember when i was there e with melvin and james and those guys just getting hammered with comments. they just stayed focused, locked in and really just took focus on , what we were really there for. not the fans. stephanie: coming up in our second half hour, are you ready for some operation football? the wiaa state playoffs kicked off tonight.
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area and around state. that is in about 20 minutes. stay tuned for that. patrick: thanks. a massive cyber attack on some of america's most popular websites. joyce: chances are that it affected someone you know. we'll tell you how the hackers managed to bring sites like twitter and netflix to a standstill. patrick: plus, a local nun celebrates her 100th birthday. hear her secrets for a long life, and watch her do something
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parties to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. i want to do the hard work of improving the system so it works for middle class families. but in washington, senator ron johnson sides with big insurance. voting to make medicare a voucher program,
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deny coverage to cancer patients. senator johnson - hurting wisconsin families. joyce: a huge cyber attack today affecting millions of internet users. patrick: tonight, a group of hackers from china and russia are claiming responsibility. and as abc's chuck sievertsen reports, governrment investigators are trying to track them down. cyberspace into a battleground friday, stranding millions of internet users in online limbo. this map highlights in deep red the areas that were the worst affected. twitter, spotify, and ebay among the hundreds of popular sites that were blocked in waves of attacks starting friday morning. another, netflix, with such shows as orange is the new black and stranger things. the hackers' target, the east-coast host of those sites, dyn inc. in new hampshire they were hit , with what's known as a denial


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